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EP to reform regulation in professional services which affect more than 5.500 professions across the EU and 50 million citizens.
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EP to reform regulation in professional services which affect more than 5.500 professions across the EU and 50 million citizens.


The European Parliament today adopted a report on reforming the Regulation in Professional Services, which constitute a very important element in the economy of Member States and the EU. 

The report is a response to the Commission recommendations to Member States on how to improve their regulatory environment by identifying and removing the unjustified and disproportionate restrictions stemming from overregulation of a number of economically important groups of professional services, such as architects, civil engineers, accountants, lawyers, patent agents, real estate agents and tourist guides. For instance, an architect in Austria can develop his career after 5 years education and 3 of practical training but in Romania it is 6 plus 2 and in Slovakia it is 6 plus 3. This could impede an Austrian architect to perform equally in another Member State. 

ALDE welcomes the Commission recommendations for national reforms in professional services as well as the new restrictiveness indicators applied by the Commission, which complement the qualitative analysis of regulatory barriers by taking into account their cumulative effect. While respecting the Member States competence to set and protect general interest objectives, including by regulation of professional services, it is crucial that such regulation is proportionate, justified and non-discriminatory.

ALDE stresses the importance of undertaking national reforms in this respect that will facilitate free movement of labour and services, will create new opportunities for professionals, improve competitiveness and ensure wider choice and better prices for consumers.

MEP Jasenko SELIMOVIC, ALDE Shadow on this report said:

"The proportionality test will greatly enhance the possibilities for a large part of the European work force to overcome the many artificial barriers that still exist on the EU labour market. I am proud to say that these new measures have helped to level the field for many professions and further enhance the mobility of citizens and the integration of the EU."




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