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Venezuela: ALDE Group welcomes the adoption of targeted sanctions and calls for the ICC to investigate crimes against humanity
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Venezuela: ALDE Group welcomes the adoption of targeted sanctions and calls for the ICC to investigate crimes against humanity


The Liberal and Democrat Group in the European Parliament welcomes the EU Foreign Affairs Council’s adoption of restrictive measures targeting Venezuelan officials. These sanctions consist of a legal framework for a travel ban and assets freeze of those involved in the non-respect of democratic principles or the rule of law and the violation of human rights. The ALDE Group has been calling for the Council to consider targeted sanctions in Venezuela since 2014.


ALDE MEP, Dita Charanzová (ANO, Czech Republic), member of the Mercosur delegation and Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat), said:

"I welcome the decision of the Council to adopt targeted sanctions against officials of the Venezuelan regime. This is a clear signal from the EU to Maduro that he cannot continue to silence, imprison and deny Venezuelans their rights.

While I hope that these sanctions will drive the regime to finally engage in real dialogue, more must be done to obtain a peaceful transition. We must push for a humanitarian aid channel to be opened immediately. We must call for justice and for the International Criminal Court to investigate the many cases of crimes against humanity.

I first called for targeted sanctions in December 2014. We should not wait another three years to take further action."


ALDE MEP, Beatriz Becerra (Spain, Independent) Vice-Chair of Subcommittee on Human Rights, added:

 "I hope that these sanctions are extended to more Venezuelan officials and maintained so long as the Maduro regime continues to violate human rights. Maduro and his government have committed crimes against humanity. All Venezuelan Officials identified as responsible for human rights violations must be punished.

If Maduro does not want sanctions, he can call a presidential election with guarantees and without disbarments. He must stop repressing his population and imprisoning opponents. He must cease harassing the free media and allow the entry of humanitarian aid.

The Venezuelan people count on the European Union to help them recover the democracy Maduro has taken away from their country. The European Parliament awarded the Venezuelan opposition and political prisoners with the Sakharov Prize."

In November, last year, the Foreign Affairs Council already imposed on Venezuela an embargo on arms and on related material that might be used for internal repression. The sanctions can be reversed depending on the evolution of the situation in the country, in particular the holding of credible and meaningful negotiations, the respect for democratic institutions, the adoption of a full electoral calendar and the liberation of all political prisoners.




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