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European Parliament to review the EU authorisation procedure for pesticides.
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European Parliament to review the EU authorisation procedure for pesticides.


In the wake of the decision to renew the approval of glyphosate for 10 years, MEP’s have today voted in favour of the establishment of a special parliamentary committee to review the European Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides.

The special committee’s draft mandate envisages that its prime objective would be to assess the authorisation procedure for the pesticides in the EU particularly with regard to its “methodology, scientific quality, independence from industry, transparency... and its outcomes”. Specifically, the special committee will look into how the Commission and the relevant EU agencies - EFSA and ECHA - have carried out their respective responsibilities, whilst exploring whether they are sufficiently staffed and resourced. The mandate of the special committee is foreseen to last one year and could be extended.

Commenting on the setting up a special committee today, Frédérique Ries said;

"I welcome the formation of this special committee. The EU has achieved and maintained the highest food safety standards in the world, but there are a number of issues concerning the authorisation procedure for pesticides in the Union that need review. Most importantly, the transparency of scientific studies and related raw data has not been guaranteed, while the relevant EU agencies lack resources to conduct research on their own and ensure that our food is safe and the environment protected:  the EFSA budget for 2017 is €80 million to be compared with the European Medicines Agency's budget of €322 million.”

“PEST will look into these issues carefully and ensure that the authorisation procedure is improved and becomes bullet-proof: decisions on the approval of pesticides must be based on indisputable and up to date scientific findings entirely free from undue industry influence. The Commission must deliver comprehensive legislative proposals to fill all the gaps in the authorisation procedure. PEST will ensure that the EU public is fully informed about ongoing work and we will ensure the best results are delivered"




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