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MMF post-Brexit: "A serious basis for negotiation”
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MMF post-Brexit: "A serious basis for negotiation”

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe has given its massive support today to a European Parliament resolution, today in plenary session in Strasbourg, on the European Commission's proposals for the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027.  "This is a serious basis for negotiation", commented Gérard Deprez (Belgium, MR), ALDE spokesperson and member of the Parliamentary Budget Committee (BUDG).


"All members of my group are determined to find the right path for the future of the Union. It is not the Europe of yesterday that must be maintained, it is the Europe of tomorrow that must be built. It is in this spirit that we strongly support the doubling or tripling of funding for an Erasmus programme extended to apprentices, the doubling of support programs for SMEs, an increase of more than 50% of appropriations to research and innovation and an unprecedented increase in funding for the management of our external borders - a common border to be managed together," said Deprez. Parliamentary co-rapporteur for the Own Resources System, he also welcomed the Commission's proposal "to reduce the contributions of national budgets to the financing of the Union and thus to increase the legitimacy and fiscal autonomy of the European Union ".

Mr Deprez, however, did not hide the fact that the group remained sceptical about the overall amount of this MFF project, as well as the timeliness and scope of cuts proposed in agricultural and cohesion policies. In this regard, Jean Arthuis (LREM, France), chairman of the BUDG committee, stressed that "we need a Europe that prepares our future, a Europe that protects us, a budget that is consistent with our ambitions and our vision". In this perspective, Anneli Jäätteenmäki (Suomen Keskusta, Finland), substitute member of the BUDG committee, pointed out during the debate that "the next MFF has to be in line with the Paris agreement and the UN sustainable development goals". But, she noted, "farmers have an important role in implementing our common climate and environmental policies. When the demands and pressures are building up, cutting the funding of CAP is not an option. In fact, it will lead to a situation where the EU cannot fulfil its objectives in the environmental field”.


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