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Venezuela: Maduro’s regime must be held accountable for the devastating humanitarian crisis
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Venezuela: Maduro’s regime must be held accountable for the devastating humanitarian crisis


MEPs are deeply shocked by the devastating humanitarian situation in Venezuela and they urge Venezuelan authorities, in a resolution voted today in the European Parliament, to recognise the ongoing humanitarian crisis and provide solutions. 


ALDE MEP, Beatriz Becerra (Independent, Spain), who negotiated the text of the resolution on behalf of our Group, said:

 "Europe must make sure that Maduro, Cabello and the rest of the leaders of the narco-regime are held accountable before the Criminal Court of The Hague.

With this resolution, the European Parliament is once again supporting the Council in adopting restrictive measures and sending an unequivocal signal to the regime: if they continue to violate human rights and condemn their people to exile, there will be more sanctions, including Maduro as the main responsible.

During my recent visit to the border with Colombia, I could see the devastating humanitarian crisis. The dictator wants his own people to be weak and hungry, to be able to control them, leaving them without any strength to stand up, to resist."


ALDE MEP, Dita Charanzová (ANO, Czech Republic), Member of the Delegation for relations with Mercosur, added:

 “Venezuela, once a refuge that drew migrants fleeing repression, has now turned into a country people flee from. The situation is unbearable and the people are desperate.

While this is a tragedy, it is even more tragic to think that this humanitarian crisis was completely man-made by inhumane policies.

We cannot sit and wait for Maduro to wake up from his cruel delusion while people continue to suffer. The EU must act now. The EU must extend its list of sanctions to more perpetrators from the regime, including their family members, on the list. And we must already think of additional measures, such as an oil embargo on the state.”


MEP Javier Nart (Ciudadanos, Spain), Vice-President of the ALDE Group

 "Venezuela is the result of corruption, inefficiency and repression of the Chavomadurist liberticidal regime: his own people are fleeing the country where 87 % of the population are affected by poverty, and where malnutrition, violence, maternal and infant mortality, and eradicated diseases have risen dramatically... and inflation has reached 13.000% by 2018. Intolerable in one of the richest countries in the world.

These are facts, not ideology, created by incompetence and corruption of the regime, not by any international conspiracy. For this sister country I demand the same things I ask for us, freedom and democracy.”




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