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ALDE supports an ambitious 2019 budget
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ALDE supports an ambitious 2019 budget

On the eve of a European election campaign marked by doubts about the future of the EU, the European Democrats and Liberals have used all their weight to ensure that the 2019 budget, the last of the current legislature, responds as closely as possible to citizen concerns. Adopted today by a large majority in the plenary session in Strasbourg, the ambitious position of the European Parliament calls for a frank discussion with the Council on the use of the margins for maneuver of the current Multiannual Financial Framework.

Gérard DEPREZ (MR, Belgium), coordinator of ALDE in the Parliamentary Budget Committee (BUDG), said: "The budget proposed by the European Parliament is entirely focused on the future. We want more growth and more jobs. That's why we support research, innovation and investment. We also want a lot more effort for youth, which is the future of our continent. Therefore, we reinforce support for Erasmus +. At the same time, we call on the Council to take the fight against climate change more seriously, to which we are devoting additional funds ".

"Elsewhere, we want to correct Mr. Trump's mistakes, by offsetting the subsidies he has frozen in favor of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees. We want these children to have access to education and health. In addition, we are sending a message to Erdogan and his autocratic madness by cutting funding for Turkey's pre-accession. Finally, we ask, and it is justice for them, that a solidarity fund be created for the victims of the terrorist attacks taking place in Europe ".

Nedzhim ALI (Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Bulgaria), ALDE spokesperson for the operating budgets of the European Institutions, added: “ The General budget of the EU for the financial year 2019 is focused on sound financial management and European added value. Concerning the Parliament, the total amount of the EP´s budget will be the lowest share of Section V Administration in the last 15 years. Every time we discuss the budget, we try to decrease spending on the administration, with the main goal of redirecting sufficient funding towards the practical realisation of our priorities. This aims to ensure European added - value for every spent euro.”

What is also important for us is the proper functioning of the institutions of the EU - such as the CJEU, EESC, CoR and EEAS. For this purpose, we reversed the proposed cuts in their budgets, so as to ensure the continuation of their high-quality work, which is of crucial importance to our citizens.


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