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Liberals and Democrats lead the charge for huge investment in Europe’s tech sector
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Liberals and Democrats lead the charge for huge investment in Europe’s tech sector


MEP’s on the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee have today overwhelmingly adopted a legislative report by ALDE MEP Angelika Mlinar, setting out the European Parliament’s position on the proposed Digital Europe programme for 2021-2027.


This multi-billion Euro fund will invest in digital capacities and capabilities in Europe, from super - computers to investments in cybersecurity, advanced digital skills and artificial intelligence.


Liberal and Democrat MEPs ensured the inclusion of ethics safeguards, to ensure that actions carried out by the Programme comply with ethical principles in particular for the Artificial Intelligence objective.


ALDE was successful in clarifying the implementation of the programme while reinforcing its European dimension and in fighting for the inclusion of measures to prioritise a focus in the fund on open licensing policies and open standards, and the opening up of the proposed programme to Small and Medium sized companies through the 'European Digital Innovation Hubs'.


Angelika Mlinar MEP, Rapporteur for the European Parliament, commented;


“I am pleased with the broad support this report received. We are on track to deliver one of the most promising, exciting and necessary funds for Europe’s future. For too many years, Europe’s tech sector has fallen behind the US and China. It is about time we invested to secure real change, as there is a chronic mismatch between the growing demand for the latest technology and the available supply in Europe.”


“Investment in acquiring the most advanced digital capacities, ensuring their best use in an interoperable way across the EU and acquiring the skills needed to develop and use them will provide a boost to the digital transformation of our areas of public interest and our industry. I am particularly pleased an enhanced priority for SME’s, which are the backbone of our European economy, is at the core of the programme.”


“As artificial intelligence rapidly evolves, it is vital the European Union agrees a strong framework of guidelines for its development and use. We have made sure the fund will fully comply with ethical principles in keeping with EU legislation, for example on data security and privacy.”






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