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ALDE committed to restoring a fully functioning Schengen system
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ALDE committed to restoring a fully functioning Schengen system


Since 2015, various Schengen countries have reintroduced and prolonged temporary controls at internal borders of the EU. Many of these prolongations are not in line with the existing rules as to their extensions, necessity or proportionality and are therefore unlawful.

Liberal and Democrat MEPs insist that EU Members States should accept their responsibilities and finally agree on a common asylum policy, a common security policy and a true European boarder and coast guard, instead of opting for the easy solution of closing the internal borders.

In today's plenary vote ALDE is landing it's full support to the S&D rapporteur Tanja Fajon, as her proposals make the Schengen Border Code clearer, more transparent, and allows the system to remain alive by limiting the possibilities for Member States to prolong internal border controls if they are not necessary and proportionate.


Sophie in 't Veld MEP, ALDE shadow rapporteur commented before the vote:


"Freedom of movement via Schengen is one of the greatest achievements of European integration. It is painful to see this system disintegrate and put on life support by some countries. We are strongly committed to abolishing these unjustified border controls, as they are an obstacle to the mobility of millions of European citizens and they come at significant costs to businesses. The Commission's proposals are going in the wrong direction to please some Member States. Border controls must remain a temporary, exceptional and proportionate tool, as defined by the Treaties."




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