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Liberals and Democrats shape key European Parliament resolution on Climate Change
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Liberals and Democrats shape key European Parliament resolution on Climate Change

MEPs from the ALDE Group in the European Parliament are today celebrating the adoption of a significant resolution setting out a European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

In response to the European Commission’s new long-term climate strategy for the EU, ‘A clean planet for all” and ahead of the special European summit meeting in Sibiu on 9 May, the resolution expresses the Parliament’s position on the EU long-term vision, with the aim of updating the EU 2050 climate roadmap from 2011.

The cross - party motion builds on proposals by the ALDE Group and endorses the EU objective of climate neutrality by 2050. The Parliament endorses the call by the ALDE Group to raise the EU’s climate commitment to a 55% reduction by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

The resolution also highlights the need for citizens’ involvement, strategic support for the climate transition in energy intensive industries; a continued energy transition with emphasis on energy efficiency, renewables and market integration; the role of all sectors of the economy in contributing to the necessary reduction, the opportunities of the circular economy, and of consumer choices.


Nils Torvalds MEP, co-author on behalf of ALDE reacted after the vote:

“This resolution will is a positive contribution to the review of the EU long term climate change strategy. The EU needs both a strategic vision and concrete action in order to do its part to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement.”

“Liberals and Democrats played a profound role in the evolution of this text and remain committed to the strategy for a climate neutral EU by 2050.   85% of Europeans believe that fighting climate change can create economic growth and jobs in Europe. The in-depth analysis done by the European Commission shows that reaching net-zero emissions by the mid-century is possible and would bring significant overall economic and social benefits for the EU."

"That we managed to get the parliament to endorse raising the 2030 CO2 reduction target to 55% is an important step in or efforts to put the EU in a global leading position in fighting climate change".


Fredrick Federley MEP, co-author on behalf of ALDE commented:

“I am pleased with this ambitious resolution and the outcome of the vote today, which I hope will play a profound role in setting the direction of EU climate policies in the years to come. It is imperative the European Union submits an ambitious long-term climate strategy under the Paris Agreement in early 2020.”

“In this resolution, we show how Europe can lead the fight against climate change though better policies, the development of realistic technological solutions and more conscious consumer choices.”

“The climate neutral scenario is clearly beneficial for the EU economy compared to all other pathways with higher emission levels, with bigger overall GDP and employment benefits compared to scenarios with a lower climate ambition.”




The draft resolution and accompanying amendments voted today can be viewed here.


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