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Copyright: Victory for creativity over the Tech Giants
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Copyright: Victory for creativity over the Tech Giants



The European Parliament, by adopting today the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market, has seized a unique opportunity to better secure the rights of authors, creators and interpreters, press editors and journalists for the coming years.

"This legislation will defend copyright content protection, which very clearly illustrates, beyond the traditions of our Member States, beyond our ideas about originality and of cultural diversity as well as about how to protect good journalism, that this is the basis of our European democracies.", said Jean-Marie CAVADA, who was very closely involved in the drafting of this file for more than two and a half years.

In general terms, Europe has its back against the wall and if it wants to respect its values: it will have to engage in a new fight to draw a line between the power of non-EU Multinationals active in Europe and the respect of individual or collective freedoms which these companies at the moment do not respect.

Yet, this directive is only a first step. The European institutions will have to show courage in the next mandate because it will be necessary to tackle three issues in the future :

- First, to further improve the creative power of European cultural and press producers;

- To impose the status of publishers, the moral and legal of commercial platforms and also to remove all illegal content from their sites;

- To stop shying away from imposing liability on Tech Giants and their Chinese counterparts, country by country, in the European Union.



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