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Crowdfunding: Liberals and Democrats hail development of pan - European approach
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Crowdfunding: Liberals and Democrats hail development of pan - European approach


Today the European Parliament  fully endorsed proposals spearheaded by ALDE MEP Caroline Nagtegaal, which will revolutionise the regulatory environment and licensing regimes for crowdfunding platforms.

The steps approved today by MEPs, as set out in two reports on these matters, will enable platforms to scale across-borders, creating the required conditions such as licensing regimes that can be used across the EU without requiring further authorisation in each EU country.

Tailored rules for pan - European crowdfunding service providers covering both investment-based and lending-based business models are put in place, which will give more opportunities to European investors while safeguarding a high level of investor protection in relation to crowdfunding services.

Crowdfunding service providers will have certainty regarding the conditions for authorisation under a single point of entry.

Caroline Nagtegaal MEP, rapporteur for one of the two reports on this matter, commented today:

“Crowdfunding all across the EU will soon be much easier! I am delighted the European Parliament today supported my proposals for a pan-European approach to the development of the crowdfunding sector.”

“Crowdfunding is a growing phenomenon, which is broadening access to finance for Europe’s start-ups and small companies whilst allowing individuals to invest in the market. We want to promote an online EU marketplace so this innovative sector can thrive!”



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