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Better law-making: new inter-institutional agreement will improve legislative transparency
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Better law-making: new inter-institutional agreement will improve legislative transparency

Today during the plenary session in Strasbourg, the European Parliament adopted by an overwhelming majority the Inter-institutional agreement on better law-making reached between the Council, the Commission and the Parliament.

The parliament was represented in negotiations by Guy Verhofstadt, the ALDE Group President. This agreement strengthens co-operation between the European institutions, in order to deliver more transparent and workable legislation, notably by better taking into account the results of impact assessments in the legislative process. The Parliament will also be granted a strengthened comitology role.

Guy Verhofstadt, President of the ALDE Group said: '' Just as the UK questions its future within the EU, we have delivered the very legislative simplification they have campaigned so hard for . This is a response to many questions of our citizens , not just the UK . European citizens do not understand our legislative procedures, which are very often opaque "

Pavel Telicka (Ano, Czech republic), former EU Commissioner and ALDE Group Vice-President, who has been campaigning in his country for more simplified EU legislation, said: "I very much welcome the conclusion of this inter-institutional agreement, which was one of our priorities during this mandate and I appreciate the fact that our group was the leading one throughout the negotiations.  Some elements are lacking, but crucial points such as better impact assessments, more transparency and the creation of an Annual Burden survey are present. If correctly implemented, this agreement will improve EU regulation and decrease the administration burden for our businesses".

Maite PAGAZAURTUNDUA-RUIZ (Unión, Progreso y Democracia, Spain), added: "The European Parliament felt the need to improve citizens' involvement and confidence in the EU. With this agreement, the Parliament reduces those barriers, having successfully negotiated a global and balanced approach for a better legislative process. In this context, we must now achieve good results in terms of impact assessments, transparency and implementation of EU legislation. In addition, the reduction of bureaucratic requirements will also allow for greater flexibility and represents a major victory against deregulation. The Inter-institutional agreement increases the power of the Parliament, whose members are directly elected; we hope that this agreement will provide a stronger legal framework for the European Union."



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