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  Trump travel’s ban: Discrimination on the ground of religion is totally unacceptable
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Trump travel’s ban: Discrimination on the ground of religion is totally unacceptable

European Liberals and Democrats condemn the latest measures undertaken by President Trump, in particular the entrance ban imposed on nationals from seven countries. The ALDE Group calls on the European Commission to prepare a clear response, under the visa reciprocity mechanism, to defend those EU citizens who cannot travel to the US due to their dual citizenship. Discrimination on the ground of religion is totally unacceptable.

Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Group leader, said: “Trump's Muslim ban is obscene. Discrimination on the basis of religion goes against fundamental rights and the hard-earned values we share across the Atlantic. The demonstrations which took place this weekend show that many Americans are also horrified by this policy."

“The European Commission must defend EU citizens who cannot travel to the US due to their dual citizenship. The Commission should come to Parliament to explain which steps will be taken under the visa reciprocity mechanism."

"We must not be complacent. We can’t turn a blind eye to what is happening in the US and I hope EU leaders and the Commission will speak out.  Trump has also made clear that we are alone in defending European unity, liberal democracy and open-society values.”

Sophie in ‘t Veld, first vice-president of the ALDE group, added: “In less than 10 days, Trump has shown that he is serious about dismantling the global order and threating human rights.”

“It has taken several decades to build up a robust democratic system to protect citizens’ right and civil liberties. For Trump it has only taken a number of executive orders and memorandums to disrupt the whole system.”

“The travel ban is totally unjustified. Trump has made general suspicion his guiding principle. It also threatens the constitution order of the country.”

“Saying that it is not about immigration but about keeping the US safe is yet another provocation. The European Commission must examine these measures, making sure that EU citizens with double nationality are not affected. It is also a good occasion to assess the status of the visa-reciprocity situation with the US”.

"We also need to analyse how these measures will affect Transatlantic data sharing as Trump has eliminated the very basis for such cooperation. Trump is now targeting Muslims; tomorrow  he could target journalists, politicians, NGOs. Do we feel comfortable sharing information without adequate safeguards for citizens' rights?"

Cecilia Wikström, ALDE spokesperson for migration, added: "Trump's Muslim ban increases distrust and tension between people and I fear that his ban will fuel radicalisation and terrorism, leading to an even more dangerous situation".

 "Today more people than ever are refugees and under the Geneva convention it's the joint responsibility of all countries, including the US, to help them. What is even more worrying is that the US, for a number of years has proudly received 70 percent of quota refugees selected by UNHCR, the decision to totally stop receiving them will therefore risk having dramatic consequences".

 "We must assume our responsibilities globally and put pressure on the US to be part of the solution rather than being  a cause of the problem. We must do it both for our own sake and for the rest of the world. It is time for Europe to rise to the challenges in front of us. We have no time to lose".


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