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Liberals again by far the strongest in the Netherlands
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Liberals again by far the strongest in the Netherlands

ALDE Leader Guy Verhofstadt has today congratulated both the VVD and D66 after their strong election results in the Dutch elections.

Verhofstadt said: "Mark Rutte and Alexander Pechtold have shown that a positive pro-European message wins. Once again, Liberals are by far the strongest political force in the Netherlands. I hope that these two parties will form the basis of a new coalition to govern the Netherlands with Mark Rutte as Prime Minister."
"People want constructive and reliable politicians to govern their country. That is why Le Pen will also fail."  

First VP Sophie in ‘t Veld and delegation leader of D66 in the ALDE Group
: “D66 has shown once again that a pro-European message is a vote winner. That message of hope and optimism appeals to young people, those who will shape Europe in the future. We see first signs of a European spring: pro-European, progressive liberal forces winning in Austria, now in the Netherlands and hopefully next month in France.

ALDE Party President and VVD delegation leader of VVD in the ALDE Group Hans van Baalen
: "The extreme right wing populists of Wilders took a serious hit from the lead party VVD; this will help defeat Le Pen in France and AFD in Germany. Congratulations to D66 for their very good results. Liberals will shape the Netherlands and Europe in the years to come!"


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