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New Skills Agenda: Time to adapt education to the labour market needs of the 21st century
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New Skills Agenda: Time to adapt education to the labour market needs of the 21st century


Today, MEPs backed the “New Skills Agenda for Europe”, the aim of which is to make better use of available skills and to equip people with the new skills that are needed in order to adapt to the current labour market needs and to fast changing technologies. With this long awaited initiative, Member States are requested to draw up comprehensive national strategies for digital skills and for the application of the Commission’s e-Skills strategy. At the same time, the report advocates that dedicated funding should be made available to enable Member States to take concrete actions.


Co-Rapporteur Martina Dlabajová commented today:


“Education in schools still relies on a ‘learn first, act in the world later’-attitude. This logic must be changed if Europe wants to remain competitive. New skills require new thinking. We must finally move on from the backward ‘extinguishing of fires’ practice to a better anticipation of labour market needs to ensure that current education and skills are always linked to the labour market.”


“When teaching, we should now focus on developing transversal, digital, soft and STEM skills, but also managerial and entrepreneurial skills for young people as early as possible. At the same time, we need to support teachers to keep up with the developments in their fields. The New Skills Agenda is a step in the right direction, encouraging a shared commitment between education providers, employers and policy makers – an inseparable triangle necessary for developing skills for the jobs of tomorrow.”





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