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ALDE Week Ahead - April
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ALDE Week Ahead - April


3-7 April March 2017
Plenary Week


End of roaming charges

In order to abolish retail roaming surcharges, wholesale roaming charges need to be defined and capped in order to unsure the sustainability of the Roam Like At Home proposal. On Thursday, MEPs will hold a vote on the agreement on the functioning of national wholesale roaming markets. After years of negotiations, the ALDE Group welcomes the agreement which will ensure that European consumers can freely move across the EU without paying unnecessary roaming charges.


Key debate: Brexit negotiations


On Wednesday morning, MEPs will discuss negotiations with the United Kingdom following its notification of withdrawal from the European Union. Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Group leader and EP negotiator for Brexit, will explain the procedure and highlight the priority of the European Parliament during the process: finding a settlement for UK & EU citizens affected by the #Brexit decision. The resolution containing the position of the European Parliament will be subject to a vote on Tuesday at midday. Read the European Parliament's resolution here.

Address by Frank-Walter Steinmeier

On Tuesday morning, the president of the Federal Republic of Germany will address the plenary.


Medical devices

On Wednesday, the plenary will adopt a new regulatory framework to strengthen patient safety, support innovation and allow rapid and cost-efficient market access for medical devices. The new regulation covers medical devices ranging from band aids to breast implants and pace-makers, including aesthetic devices. It ensures greater safety for patients and consumers, while ensuring EU legislation is up-to date with scientific progress.


In vitro medical diagnostic medical devices

To ensure that In vitro medical diagnostic medical devices are safe and that innovative devices reach patients in a timely manner, in 2012 the Commission proposed updating and replacing the directive with a regulation. The new legal framework will be subject to a vote in plenary on Wednesday.


Populism and fake news

On Wednesday afternoon MEPs will hold a debate on hate speech, populism and fake news. How to tackle these new phenomena? How can the EU better answer these challenges? Stay tuned for the debate on Wednesday.


New prospectus rules

On Wednesday, the plenary will hold a vote on a new prospectus regulation, an important step towards the creation of a Capital Markets Union. The new legislation will reduce the administrative burden of drawing up prospectuses for all issuers, in particular for SMEs, by permitting lighter, less burdensome prospectus. The regulation will also make the prospectus a more relevant disclosure tool for potential investors, while safeguarding crowd-funding and unifying EU capital markets to deliver high levels of investor protection, which will create growth and jobs.


MFF revision

The agreement on the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) will be debated on Tuesday and subject to a vote in plenary on Wednesday. Following the endorsement on 7 March 2017 by the Council of the agreement on the MFF revision, the Council has formally referred this file to the Parliament for its consent. 


Dieselgate: inquiry report

After 12 months of intensive work, the report on the inquiry into emission measurements in the automotive sector, co-drafted by ALDE MEP Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy will be adopted on Tuesday. The European Parliament now has a clear understanding of the failures with regards to oversight of the car industry that made Dieselgate possible. Gerbrandy believes EU ministers must now help to restore trust in the European car industry and back stricter oversight, including independent European checks on vehicles.


EU-US Privacy Shield

On Wednesday afternoon, the Commission deliver its assessment of the adequacy of the protection afforded by the EU-US privacy shield. Sophie in 't Veld, ALDE spokesperson for data protection, urges the Commission to fulfil its duty and ensure effective implementation of Privacy Shield and Umbrella Agreement. Currently, as a result of President Trump's Executive Order and the refusal to repeal exemptions to the Privacy Act, the US obligations under the Privacy Shield and Umbrella Agreement are not sufficiently enacted to guarantee the protections and rights that Europeans should enjoy as per the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.


Surveillance of motor vehicles

The Dieselgate scandal sped up the revision of the directive on type-approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles and their trailers. ALDE is in favour of the new legislation as it will shake up the rules on authorising new models of cars, aimed at delivering reform to ensure closer controls are put in place for the European market. The new laws will give the EU increased oversight over the national authorities who are currently responsible for the approval of new cars entering the market and imported cars. The ALDE Group in the European Parliament has been pushing for reform of these rules for many months.


Palm oil production

On Tuesday, ALDE MEPs will support a resolution aiming to tackle the environmental impacts of unsustainable palm oil production, such as deforestation and habitat degradation, particularly in South-East Asia. The text calls for the development of a single certification scheme to improve clarity for consumers, the establishment of complementary voluntary partnership agreements, and improved labelling standards for sustainable palm oil.


Visa waiver for Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens will no longer need a visa to travel to the EU thanks to a new legislation that the Parliament will approve on Thursday. The ALDE Group has always supported the visa liberalisation process with Ukraine. ALDE MEP Petr Jezek believes that "Ukraine needs some encouragement, and this encouragement needs to come from real deeds and symbols. The EU-Ukraine visa free agreement will bring both. Ukraine has been working very hard in order to meet all the criteria. It is time for the EU to deliver now".


In case you missed it...


Thousands of people marched last weekend for unity today in Rome, Warsaw, Berlin, London and all across Europe. Last Saturday marks the start of the #EUfightback!




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